Frusack is a substitute for fruit and vegetable bags … but how exactly does it work?

Frusack is transparent, light and firm. Take your sacs with you to the shop or market and use them instead of the plastic bags. The fabric is quite durable and can be used repeatedly for at least 2 years. Put them to good use until normal fatigue of the material occurs.

Is Frusack permeable?

The material lets air and water through. Fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, for example, are able to breathe in Frusack, therefore they last much longer. You can also simply wash your fruits and veggies in Frusack – just put the whole bag under the tap.


What is Frusack made of?

Frusack is made of a dense woven fabric from a bioplastic PLA fiber (polylactic acid). Unlike conventional plastics, it’s not made from oil but from corn starch. Thanks to that, it’s fully compostable and only renewable resources are used in it’s production. No waste production – during or after use!

All of the materials used are GMO free.

Compostable … what exactly does this mean? What should I do with a Frusack I can no longer use?

Thanks to being made from organic substances, the material is sensitive to temperature, pressure and microbial enzymes. If exposed to all of those factors, decomposition will start like with any organic matter.
The ideal way to dispose of a Frusack you no longer have use for is to throw it into the bio-waste compost bin. From there, it will be collected and transported into an industrial composting plant where it will completely decompose within a few weeks.


Can I use my own bag to buy fruits and vegetables? What will they say at the cashier?

Yes, you can. The supermarket will only be happy – you will help them reduce the consumption of small plastic bags they are in most cases distributing for free. And the bright colors will brighten you cashier’s day.

What about Frusack being counted on the scale? Plastic bags do not weigh much – will I have to pay for the extra weight?

We designed Frusack to be suitable for use in supermarkets. It weighs between 8-10g and most weighing devices in stores are not sensitive enough to even take it into account.

How do I apply the sticker with the price and weight of goods on my Frusack?

The easiest way is to fold the sticker and put it on the string. There, it will hold well but will also be removed easily.
Another way is to glue it straight onto the produce you’re purchasing (e.g. oranges or bananas).


What if my Frusack is dirty? Can I wash it?

Frusack is best washed by hand. The material is smooth and impurities do not really stick to it. It is also washable at 30 ° washing cycle but we recommend the shortest program. Long exposure to humidity might decrease the life of the fabric.

What about ironing?

The material is sensitive to temperatures above 56°C. Ironing or contact with hot water or steam can damage it. You should protect your Frusacks from high temperatures as much as possible.